Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) is an initiative of the Queensland Government dedicated to generating income for and supporting the career and market development of Queensland Indigenous artists.

The Art Fair is part of the Queensland Government's $13.2 million Backing Indigenous Arts program. This four-year program (2011- 2014) aims to strengthen and support Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art through its five initiatives:

  • supporting a network of Indigenous Art Centres (IAC) network and hubs;
  • providing Building Skills and Opportunities grants;
  • increase Indigenous Performances through festivals, touring opportunities and producing services;
  • presenting the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair;
  • support Queensland Indigenous Arts Marketing and Export Agency (QIAMEA).

Backing Indigenous Arts is also committed to supporting artists and projects to maintain and share the region's cultural traditions.

For more information on Backing Indigenous Arts visit Arts Queensland

CIAF adheres to the Indigenous Art Code. The Code is designed to strengthen fair and ethical trade in the Indigenous visual art industry. It specifies a set of minimum standards for dealers, agents and artists, and defines terms of trade, rights and responsibilities for the sale and management of artworks. To find out more visit