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10 - 12 July 2020

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Art Market Application now Open

Art Market Application 

The CIAF Art Market is highly competitive and not all applicants will be deemed successful.  The Art Market is curated, and all potential art market stallholders are required to adhere to the following criteria:

  • Works must be created by an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artist/designer with cultural connections to Queensland.
  • Works must not be designed or created by Indigenous artists and/or designers who have been commissioned by a commercial business.
  • Artists/stallholders will not be considered eligible if their products present cultural imagery from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander clan/groups that they have no association with or cultural belonging.
  • Works must not be a direct copy of another artist’s work.

Cultural Protocols

CIAF is committed to promoting ethical practice in the sale of authentic Indigenous art products by Queensland artists, designers, art centres and local galleries.

CIAF upholds cultural protocols and does not approve of products for sale or display that present reproduced styles or creation beings without “proper” cultural permission.

If artwork is presented as following “traditional” styles, it should be culturally authentic to the artist. Artists must show a cultural connection or belonging to the designs and stories.

CIAF in consultation with the relevant Traditional Custodians will remove ceremonial objects for sale on display that may offend other Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander groups.


Copyright protects the original artistic works of individuals but does not protect artistic styles or themes.

Ceremonial styles such as rarrk (cross-hatching NT) are not protected under Australia’s copyright law. Clan icon’s such as the Quinkan (Cape York, QLD) or Wandjina(Kimberley, WA) are creation figures and considered ‘concepts’ and not protected under Australia’s copyright law.

CIAF will seek consultation to uphold traditional Indigenous laws and protocol relating to, eg, ceremonial styles and clan icons, and will not accept any artwork that reproduces ceremonial styles and creation beings without the permission from the relevant custodians.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags

If artists wish to use the Aboriginal flag in the production of their work, the intention of use must be sought in writing to:    Mr Harold Thomas.  PO Box 41807, Casuarina NT 0810

If artists wish to use the Torres Strait Islander flag in the production of their work, the intention of use must be sought in writing to: Torres Strait Island Regional Council. PO Box 7336, Cairns, QLD 4870 Tel: 07 4034 5700


Please complete the application form and return to artfair@ciaf.com.au by Monday 30 March. Places are limited and applications are competitive. Please note that applying does not guarantee a space in the CIAF Art Market. Applications will be assessed and eligibility will be at the discretion of CIAF management. 





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