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CIAF 2024

CIAF 2024 theme: Country Speaking

CIAF returns to the Cairns Convention Centre and a range of satellite venues across Cairns from 25th to 28th July, 2024.

The CIAF 2024 theme ‘Country Speaking’ provides an opportunity for Country to be heard.

Since time immemorial, First Nation Peoples have lived in close relationship with Country. Country in turn speaks to its wellbeing; it can be heard in a whisper of the changing wind indicating the arrival of a new season, to the raging violence of rising tides reclaiming coastlines. Country speaks, always.  

Changing climate is affecting human kind. It impacts the livelihoods of First Nations people from traditional food supply to encroaching tidal lines on Country. The constant voice of Country has been communicated continually. CIAF’s 2024 theme will provide insight into what Country is speaking to its custodians. Country is always speaking; the question is, are we listening? 

Art is more than a form of cultural expression. 

Art is a powerful platform to raise the breadth of experiences, issues, and commentary on cultural, social and political subjects from First Nations peoples.  It can present compelling contemporary perspectives that are provocative, emotive and raise the conscience of the broader society. We are living in a time where the collective voices of First Nations peoples are being positioned to drive change across our state and nation.  

CIAF Artistic Director Francoise Lane said: "CIAF’s 2024 theme will provide insight into what Country is speaking to its custodians." 

"Country with a capital ‘C’ as used by First Nations people embodies 65,000 years of deep connection to the land, waters, skies and seas within their Nation and Clans." 

"Country encompasses First Nations people spiritual, physical, emotional and mental relationship to it; inclusive of the living and breathing landscapes and the animals nourished by it."