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Blueclick Photography

Partner with CIAF

CIAF is Australia’s most attended Indigenous Arts event attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Tropical North Queensland region since its inception.

Through our Strategic Plan 2020-2024, CIAF has set out four keys areas of continued growth which will increase platforms for cultural exchange and economic opportunity for Queensland Indigenous artists:

  • Continue to grow new and existing platforms for showcasing artists
  • Provide ethical and immersive cultural experiences for audiences and communities
  • Further grow national and international market opportunities for Queensland artists
  • Remain the leading, relevant and viable organisation which we are

This path forward can only be achieved by identifying and maintaining meaningful partnerships with organisations and friends — many of whom have been involved with CIAF since its inception in 2009.

If you or your organisation are interested in supporting our vision and work, please contact our Partnerships team: corporate [at] ciaf.com.au